Free Tv for ever…

Freeview is available through your aerial and depending on the transmitter you get your signal from, there are more than 40 tv channels that are available including High Definition.

If your aerial is pointing to one of the relay transmitters ( Poole, Canford Heath, Westbourne, Luscombe Valley. ) then only 20 channels are receivable. A simple aerial upgrade and realignment to the main transmitter will enable the full service to be received. Please call for more details and a quote.


With Freeview TV, there is no monthly subscription required to receive and enjoy the service, although there are a number or additional channels available via Top Up TV, or pay to view TV channels. If you wish to receive these premium channels, you will require a digital receiver with CAM card access.

Can I Receive Freeview Digital TV?

Although you can check if you receive Freeview Digital TV online using the official digital TV postcode checking system, this is not always accurate, as it is based upon general area signal strengths.

If the online Digital TV postcode checker advises that you are currently unable to receive the fantastic entertainment channels on offer, do not despair!

AB Aerials specializes in providing suitable solutions to meet your home entertainment needs! Using specialist equipment and having many years of experience in quality installations throughout the south, you may still be able to receive Freeview, or an alternative Digital TV system.

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